June 12, 2015

10 practical ways to reach out to Muslims during Ramadan

By juliemasson

Beginning on June 17th, Muslims all over the world will begin a month long fast as part of Ramandan. From sun-up to sun-down, observers will abstain from food, drink and sex. Families and friends gather together at sunset to break the fast with a large meal.

Our partner, IMB, has prepared an amazing guide to help you know how to pray for Muslims during this time. Each day of the month provides specific things to pray for and background on the holiday. Furthermore, it provides 10 tips to reach out to Muslims. Whether you work in a Muslim country or live…

June 18, 2015

How to be a Dad who raises kids to love Jesus while living abroad

By juliemasson

It’s no secret that raising kids is a challenge. If you’re a follower of Jesus then you know that your task as a parent is even harder. In honor of Father’s Day this weekend (for those of you that adhere to the American holiday calendar), here are 3 practical ways you can raise kids to love Jesus even when you’re living outside of the comforts of your home culture where there is a church on every corner and a Christian bookstore at every mall. 

Tip #1: It doesn’t matter where you live; if you don’t live like you love Jesus, you’re kids will probably not love Jesus…

June 26, 2015

So a tentmaker, a missionary and a businessman walk into a room…

By juliemasson

Over the last 20 years, the acronym BAM has grown increasingly popular. Many missions organizations have embraced Business As Missions (BAM). Evangelicals took a deeper look at Paul and realized he was kind of a BAM guy. Paul went on numerous missionary journeys and supported himself by making and selling tents. This is the genesis of the term “tentmaking,” and in most circles is synonymous with BAM. Both of these methods provide abundant opportunities to spread the gospel. In fact, church planters are often such self-starters…